Feedback – Suggestions – Complaints

  1. Pathfinder-SMS welcomes your input and suggestions to improve our Company and the community we serve. Your feedback – both positive and negative – really matters to us. Please note that:-
    • The focus of our Company is delivery of quality service, we welcome feedback from our clients. What did we do well, and what can we improve?
    • Any employee of our Company is encouraged to provide feedback or make a complaint or file a suggestion for improvement.
    • Further, members of the community at large who are impacted by our services are also encouraged to provide feedback.
  2. Complaints from any individual working on our behalf, or the community in which we serve (or his/her representative), alleging an infraction of our Code of Ethics or procedures; or alleging harm caused by our Company, is encouraged to provide details so we can investigate the matter and take appropriate actions.
  3. Complaints may be submitted anonymously, but please keep in mind that we can not seek further information or provide feedback without a return address.
  4. All complaints are to be addressed to Research and Collection Services (RCS) . In order to effectively address complaints, we encourage submission directly to RCS via the link below. However, in cases where external intervention may be appropriate, please use the email address to submit the complaint form below. Your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate parties (e.g. law enforcement, regulators, legal representative, client representative, or external advisor).
  5. All complaints will be handled to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the submitter.