Employee welfare and satisfaction is a high value consideration for
the management of SMS. SMS takes pride in being a company where guard
is at the heart of all plans. By adopting policies which result in employee
satisfaction, SMS achieves loyalty, thereby reducing turnover and having
more experienced and competent guarding force

Capacity Building for Staff

Capacity Building for Staff


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that each employee is
satisfied and is acknowledged in his or her job since staff welfare and
satisfactory results are closely connected to a caring / supportive
environment. It enables the employees to develop their full potential.


This operating procedure is applicable to all employees of SMS with
focus on the security staff i.e. guards. It covers the benefits both for the
serving employees as well as the deceased employees.

Ambulance Services 24-7

Free Food on Subsidized Rates

Risk Areas

a. Lack of trust of employees
b. Preoccupied concentration on job security
c. Unhealthy life style
d. No sense of “ownership” of employees
e. Employee turnover and increased training costs

Stakeholders - Purpose

a. Internal – All employees
b. External – Families of Deceased Employees

The aim of this OP is lay down the ‘welfare package’ for the
employees. The package is divided in two parts:-

a. Part 1 – Serving employees
b. Part 11 – Deceased employees

Free Uniforms

Gym for Management Staff

Part 1 – Details Serving Employees

The welfare package comprises
a. Highest salaries in the market coupled with ‘Best in-house training’
package to assure continual improvement of transferable skills. Top
management monitors the security services market to assure this
competitive advantage.

b. Health insurance coverage (ELENACARE) for all employees including
spouse and children for inpatient treatment in all leading Hospitals of the
c. 24/7 clinical medical treatment through company employed – qualified
doctors and nursing staff along with provision of free medicines at
medical centres set up within the company.
d. Life Insurance coverage for all employees ranging between PKR 0.2
million to PKR 0.5 million, based upon the client and the security
e. Provident Fund for all employees.
f. EOBI and Social Security coverage.
g. Free accommodation in all major towns and cities.
h. Quality meals on subsidised rates.
i. Free ‘pick and drop’ from company accommodation to a central drop off
point or place of duty.

j. Paid, annual, casual, medical leave to all employees and maternity leave
to all female employees.
k. Incentives for identifying risks and potential problems in bi- monthly
“Town Hall” Meetings for direct sharing of thought process with top
management and Chairman including award of Certificate of Appreciation
to exceptionally high performers.
l. Holding “Guard of the Month” Ceremony along with cash reward,
including award of “Certificate of Appreciation”
m. Merit-based promotion and annual increments
n. Sponsorship scheme for education of deserving students (Girls & boys) in
Jajja Cadet College (‘boarding facility’)
o. Scholarship scheme for children (‘day scholars’) of employees

Part 11 – Welfare Deceased Employees

a. Payment of burial expenses by the Company up to Rs 10,000/-.
b. Death compensation grant through ‘life insurance’
c. Offer of employment to eldest son or daughter if willing to serve.
d. Special compensation for employees who lay down their lives in the line
of duty is as follows:-
(1) Rs 300,000 for the family of deceased
(2) Above is in addition to Rs 200,000 under Life Insurance Scheme.
(3) The widow will be given full salary as pension for two years by SMS.
(4) The widow will be given half salary duly indexed as pension for life
time till eldest child becomes 18 years by SMS.

Free Residence for Guards

Secure Working Environment for Females
International Trainings
Professional Environment to Perform
Professional Growth
Games Area for Management Staff
Hygenic Mess for Security Staff